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Main concepts written down on this page were discussed at the PDES AP-INTEROP conference call at 2006-01-09. Lothar Klein 18:32, 9 Jan 2007 (CET)

AP203ed2 will be a continuation of the work be done for the previous modular edition ISO/TS 10303-203:2005


High level requirements for AP203ed2

  • Compatibility
    • Upward compatibility with AP203ed1 (IS+Cor+Amd) on the AIM/MIM level except for global rules not required by or contradicting AP214
    • Full compatibility with AP214ed2 in overlapping areas on the AIM/MIM level unless explicitly agreed and documented
    • Composite material structures and properties
    • Cataloguing
  • New main features
    • Inclusion of construction history
    • Basic support for presentation of GD&T information according ISO 16792 (some specific features may be dropped dependent on available time and resources)
  • Publication of new/modified modules end of 2007 by ISO.
    • This requires ballot start for new and modified modules not later than 2007-05-15.
    • Topics which can't be addressed or solved till then to be moved for a next 2008 release
    • Solving all issues for the 2007 release at the 2007-03 meetings (SC4 in Funchal and PDES Inc Offsite in Asheville)
    • When the 203-ed2 DIS ballot can start? Only after publication of the TS modules ???
    • Is a Validation report needed? If yes is it sufficient for publishing RECPRAC here on WikiSTEP? Answer: Yes, but only for the new stuff or to refer to previous work. We need some test files which can be used for testing purposes. Documentation can be on WikiSTEP, but have a snapshot in PDF for SC4Online.

Change management documentation

For the change management process, leading to the new edition of AP203 three systems are going to be be used:

  • All high level planing and documentation tasks are controlled on this WikiSTEP web-site. Every change can be tracked through the history page. Users can "watch" specific pages and receive e-mails to be informed on changes.
  • All detailed technical issues are to be tracked in SEDZILLA, a bug-tracking system using Bugzilla at http://step.nasa.gov/sparkynet/bugs/. With the publication of the ed2 modules the content of SEDZILLA must be recorded at ATI.
  • All changed and new modules are created in STEPMOD, the "STEP modular repository" on sourceforge, http://sourceforge.net/projects/stepmod/
  • Every change on a published part must go through an official SEDS process

High level tasks for AP203ed2

  • remove redundant USE FROMs in the modules and have an extended scope statements instead, similar like AP210 did it
  • enable a clean non-cyclic module hierarchy
  • clean up low level modules to that they wrap a single complete AIC but not more
  • isolate modules for conformance classes
  • clean up enhance assembly-structure like AP214-S6 and S7
  • include construction history
  • simplified attributes ? see German ballot comments on part45ed2
  • enhancements for catalogue support ? (make this a high level requirement?)

Detailed work organization

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