AP214 Example: Process plan

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This Example consists of a Process-plan with two Process_operation_occurrences in a sequence.


  • The Process_plan is located in the upper center.
  • Because process_plan maps to subtype of activity, there must be also an activity_method but this is a dummy one only (upper right).
  • The produced_output of the Process_plan is here an Assembly_definition of some Item_version (upper left).
  • Each of the two Process_operation_occurrences has it's own Process_operation_definition (lower left and lower right).
  • Both Process_operation_occurrences are linked via a Process_operation_occurrence_relationshil in the role sequence.
  • The Process_operation_occurrence on the lower left has an Item_instance as input or output.
  • The Process_operation_occurrence on the lower right has a Process_operation_resource_assignment, referring to a Design_discipline_item_definition as the resource.
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