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Abstract test suites (ATS)

They were required for the APs till the year 2000 or so. Because of overlapping scope of the APs they contain lots of overlapping tests. Nevertheless it is possible to find useful examples in them. Only some ATSs got fully finished and published by ISO. Others are only available from SCONLINE. Attention: Not all ATSs are of good quality and they got never correct for known issues or updated for newer versions of the data models:

  • ISO/CD 10303-302, Abstract test suite: Associative draughting, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N 591, 1997-04-29
  • ISO/TR 10303-303, Abstract test suite:Configuration Controlled 3D Designs of Mechanical Parts and Assemblies,ISO/TC184/SC4/WG3 N573, 1997-01-31
  • ISO/TR 10303-304, Abstract test suite: Mechanical design using boundary representation, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N 973, 2000-10-31
  • ISO/TR 10303-307, Abstract test suite: Sheet metal die planning and design, ISO TC184/SC4/WG3 N595, 1997-07-18
  • ISO/IEC DTS 10303-312, Abstract test suite: Electrotechnical design and installation, ISO TC 184/SC4/JWG9 N25, 1999–12–13
  • ISO/DTS 10303-314, Abstract test suite: Core data for automotive mechanical design process, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N 822, 1999–12–30
  • ISO/TS 10303-324, Abstract test suite: Mechanical product definition for process planning using machining features, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG 3 N 788, 1999-06-21, Len Slovensky, Team SCRA
  • ISO/DTS 10303-325, Abstract test suite: Building elements using explicit shape representation, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N809, 1999-09-09, Wolfgang Haas, Julian Fowler
  • ISO/CD TS 10303-332, Abstract test suite: Technical data packaging core information and exchange, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N1010, 2001-04-27, Jim Clark, Boeing

Validation reports

  • AP 212 VALIDATION REPORT, ISO TC 184/SC4/JWG9 N8-99, 1999, Reinhard Nerke and Christian Bernert, Siemens AG
  • Validation Report on ISO/IS 10303-214, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N933, 2000-07-19, Jürgen Mohrmann, Christian Donges
  • Validation Report for ISO/DIS 10303-232, ISO TC 184/SC4/WG3 N960, August 2, 2000, Glen Ziolko

Guides and recommended practises

  • Usage Guide for the STEP PDM Schema V1.2, Release 4.3, January 2002, Max Ungerer PROSTEP AG, Ken Buchanan ADL/PDES,Inc.
  • Recommended practises from the CAX-IF
    • Recommended Practices for 3D Associative Text, Rogerio BarraATI/PDES, Inc., Markus Hauser ProSTEP GmbH, Release 4, January 13th, 2000
    • Recommended Practices for Dimensions and Dimensional Tolerances, Markus Hauser ProSTEP GmbH, Mike Strub EDS, Tom Hendrix Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, April 18, 2000
    • Recommended Practices for External References with References to the PDM Schema Usage Guide, Release 2.1, January 19, 2005, Jochen Boy and Andreas Trautheim PROSTEP AG, Phil Rosché ATI/PDES, Inc.
    • Recommended Practices for Form Features : round_hole, thread and compound features, Release 1, December 13th 1999, Markus Hauser ProSTEP GmbH, Len Slovensky Logicon / Team SCRA
    • Recommended Practices for Assembly Instance Styling, Release 1.0, November 19, 2002, Jochen Boy PROSTEP AG, Phil Rosche ATI/PDES, Inc.
    • Recommended Practices for Colours and Layers, September 24th 2001, Jochen Boy ProSTEP GmbH, Phil Rosche ATI/PDES, Inc
    • Recommended Practices for Geometric Validation Properties, August 24th, 1999, Rogerio Barra ATI/PDES, Inc., Markus Hauser ProSTEP GmbH
    • Recommended Practices for Material Identification and Density, Release 2.1, July 12 2005, Jochen Boy PROSTEP AG, Phil Rosche ATI/PDES, Inc.
    • Recommended Practices for model viewing, basic drawing structure and dimensions, 5th October, 1999, Rogerio Barra ATI/PDES, Inc., Bettina Neuhof and Markus Hauser ProSTEP GmbH, Linas Polikaitis ITI
  • (AP214) CC8 Recommended Practices, Specification and Configuration / Product Coding / Documents and Transformation Matrices from Dr. Manfred Fischer and Dr. Markus Sachers, Version 1.3, December 2002 [1]
  • STEP AP203: Configuration Controlled 3D Mechanical Designs, Laurence McKee, IBM Corp, 1998. A very detailed 343 slides presentation on how to implement AP203 (edition 1). Not public available
  • Recommended Practices for AP 209, ME007.01.00, June 25, 1999, Minor Revision April 23, 2002, Keith A. Hunten, available from PDES Inc.
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