Integration of developer’s API (JavaDoc) documentation and HTML standards documentation for AP210 query library

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Integration of developer’s API (JavaDoc) documentation and HTML standards documentation for AP210 query library

In order to facilitate development of AP210 applications, the Java programmer’s documentation of the AP210 query library and JSDAI has been integrated with the HTML documentation of the AP210 standard. Effective use of the AP210 query library requires repeated reference to the relevant AP210 ARM application objects and corresponding MIM entities. A mechanism for enhancing the existing Java API documentation through linking to the corresponding AP210 HTML referenced entities at the ARM and MIM level has been developed. Additionally, graphical entity instance diagrams have been extracted and linked to the corresponding query methods to facilitate visual interpretation of the relationships between the relevant entities. Finally, the documentation was enhanced with additional detail and numerous (linked) references to applicable ARM application objects and MIM entities. The most recent updates to the query library (delivered 12/3/09) included significantly expanded queries for extraction of PCA/PCB data, new queries for the purpose of extracting data from AP210 package models, and queries to aid end-users in the extraction and interpretation of parametric data related to products and packages. The Java source code resides in the package com.sfm.ap210.jsdai. The current query library consists of approximately 100 methods contained in the MIMqueries, MIMpackageQueries, and MIMparamQueries interfaces as well as the 100+ supporting lowerlevel operation methods (MIMops). The queries have been implemented in Java using a library known as the JSDAI developed by LKSoftWare GmbH. LKSoft licenses the JSDAI under both commercial and open-source terms1. An algorithm for methodical traversal of the AP 210 model has also been provided in order to demonstrate the successful integration of these queries and the ability to efficiently extract the relevant data from an AP210 model. Graphical and pseudo-code documentation of the queries has been provided, as well as the Java source code for the implemented queries and supporting low-level operations, as well as the traversal algorithm. Javadoc is a tool from Sun Microsystems for generating API documentation in HTML format, and the most common method for generating API documentation from Java source code2. The Javadoc tool supports development of custom tags through Java classes that implement the Taglet3 interface. To develop the integrated documentation, several custom tags were developed that enabled efficient annotation of the Java source code to drive the generation of links with the HTML documentation of the AP210 standard.

NOTE: This is a placeholder to ensure the published reference in ISO 10303-210:2011 is valid. The published HTML of ISO 10303-210:2011 is not publicly available but is available for purchase from ISO or national standards bodies. The files that are not copyright ISO will be posted here shortly.

Documentation and descriptions provided by SFM Technology and NIST

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