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This page is under construction.

The work is funded by the European Comission as part of the DEPUIS project.

The objective of this page is to provide a broad overview of common STEP data models, used in many Application Protocols (AP). Concepts which are specific to only one AP are not covered here. In addition, Recommended Practices (RECPRAC) for the implementation of STEP are provided.

It is intended that this material is organized along the AP203ed2 conformance classes and conformance options.

Geometric data models

In the Integrated Resource part41 Fundamentals of product description and support the entity product and its basic relationships are defined. The core structure is shared between all STEP-APs, but most STEP-APs add their specifics to it:

Other chapters to be added later:

  • Basic administrative information Person, Organization, Contract, Certification, Approval, etc.
  • Assembly and breakdown structures
  • Representation_schema
  • Geometry and topology
    • Wireframe in 2D and 3D
    • Advanced Boundary Manifold Surface representation
  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Presentation and annotation of geometry
  • Materials characterization

Draft details (to be moved to other places later on)

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