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Should we accept content not directly related to STEP from NASA-ESA PDE Workshop participants?

The Proposed content is related to establishing the focus of the next NASA-ESA PDE workshop.

At the recent 9TH NASA-ESA PDE workshop there was interest in having wikiSTEP expanded to include establishing content for the next NASA-ESA PDE conference in Neherlands. Not all the topics are directly related to STEP, e.g., STEP-TAS, some vendor discussions; but there is heavy SC4 participation.

The participants included NASA, ESA, other industrial organizations and Mentor Graphics and Maya s/w and UGS. Clearly if the participants want to contribute to the wiki in the context of STEP there is no question.

Discussion questions:

  • Do we even want to do this?
  • If we do, what boundary conditions shall we set?
  • Would it be better for NASA or ESA to host the wiki?
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