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Jump to: navigation, search is a place with public and free content about the international standard ISO 10303 known as STEP or the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data. General information about STEP that is of encyclopedic interest is available on Wikipedia. You will find there

  • a broad overview on ISO 10303. This is also the root page for all STEP related information on Wikipedia.
  • the list of available STEP parts
  • EXPRESS, the data modeling language used throughout STEP
  • STEP-File and STEP-XML for data exchange
  • the standardized Application Programming Interface (API) SDAI for the implementation of STEP applications such as converters, data integration tools in a database or CAx like applications.

The focus of this website is on providing tutorials and detailed information about STEP and recommended practices on how best to implement STEP. For administrative information see WikiSTEP:Community_Portal.


Common Guidelines and Recommended Practices

Major parts of STEP that are common for at least several Application Protocols (AP):

Older RECPRAC requiring updates.

Issue Tracking

Issue Integration with STEPmod

Issue Integration with Document Workflow

AP203 specifics

AP209 specifics

AP210 specifics

AP214 specifics

AP236 specifics

AP242 specifics


Related Research

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